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 Wayne Foot and Ankle Center is proud to announce they have now joined Ankle & Foot Centers of America!

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Our physicians provide expert care, diagnosis, and treatment for all foot and ankle disorders for people of all ages.

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At Ankle & Foot Centers of America, we have the most comprehensive system of foot care experts and resources you can find anywhere.

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Twenty-six bones, 33 joints, and thousands of steps a day. It’s amazing how much we rely on our feet to carry us through daily life – and how much we take our feet for granted until the pain of a foot or ankle injury stops us in our tracks.

At Ankle & Foot Centers of New Jersey, we believe that every step you take should be pain-free. Whether you need treatment for a minor ailment such as ingrown toenails, a complex foot reconstruction, or the ongoing management of diabetes, our expert New Jersey podiatrists will provide expert diagnoses, innovative treatments including the latest digital x-ray, and compassionate care.

Innovative Technology, Compassionate Care

No matter what foot or ankle ailment brings you in to Ankle & Foot Centers of America, you can count on state-of-the-art technology and innovative treatments from our industry-leading New Jersey podiatrists. We not only treat the immediate problem, but we empower our patients to make decisions and act as partners in their own treatment, ensuring that they can achieve a healthier quality of life outside of our direct care. We offer non-invasive treatments whenever possible, but if your foot or ankle problem requires surgery, our board-certified surgeons can perform the procedure at an New Jersey area hospital or our very own surgical center.

Why See a Foot and Ankle Specialist?

Walk into any New Jersey drugstore and you’ll find an aisle full of over-the-counter foot treatments. Many of these products are useful for minor foot ailments, but patients often misdiagnose their problems, which can lead to unnecessary foot pain due to delayed treatment. Similarly, seeing a primary care physician for a complex ankle or foot problem can result in a misdiagnosis. Only board-certified podiatrists are trained to provide specialized foot and ankle care.

Since 1982, the nationally-renowned podiatrists at Ankle & Foot Centers have helped patients get back on their feet.

Do you believe that you may be in need of a podiatrist?

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At Ankle and Foot Centers of New Jersey, we have the most comprehensive system of foot care experts and resources you can find anywhere. Our skilled and experienced team of podiatrists is fully equipped with all the latest knowledge and tools, enabling us to provide you with excellent treatment for any and all of your individual needs.

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