For active kids, growth spurts provide an opportunity to explore and learn the limits of their developing bodies. However, that same growth can also uncover underlying concerns: Congenital conditions, deformities, and growth problems which can affect pediatric foot health, impacting everything from gait to confidence.

Wayne Foot & Ankle Center wants you to know that there’s always an option for improving or managing said conditions, and with that in mind, we put together a brief blog on the subject. Read on to learn how you can help your kids develop into active young adults with minimal pain and maximum mobility.

Early Detection and Intervention

Many childhood foot and ankle problems are most effectively addressed early on.

  • A podiatrist can identify issues like clubfoot (a condition in which the foot is turned inward at birth) during routine checkups or when parents raise concerns about their child’s walking patterns.
  • Early intervention through gentle stretching techniques, splinting, or special footwear can significantly improve a child’s long-term prognosis, preventing future complications.

Specialized Treatment for Growing Feet

A podiatrist’s expertise goes beyond treating adults. As specialists, DPMs also understand the unique anatomy and development stages of children’s feet.

A Range of Treatment Options

Podiatrists offer a variety of treatment options for pediatric foot and ankle problems, including:

Podiatry can promote balanced growth for people of all ages, so don’t defer or delay a checkup if pain or other issues are present!

Do you have children with foot or ankle complications that need addressing? With warmer weather ahead and plenty of outdoor stumbles to come, Dr. Lindsey Calligaro at Wayne Foot & Ankle Center is here and happy to help. We’ve got the top tools, modern techniques, and proven expertise to treat your feet. Contact us today!

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