Foot Specialist in Wayne, NJ: Importance of Ankle Injury Treatment

Ankle injuries are very common, and commonly ignored after the initial pain. Sufferers may think that the pain is simply caused by a sprain and that it will go away on its own. The problem is that sprains are often serious, including full tears in the ligament, and there are frequently fractures or small breaks that go undiagnosed due to these patients not being seen by their doctors. Our foot specialist in Wayne, NJ, explains more below. 

Injury Frequency

Athletes twist, sprain, and break their ankles frequently. This is especially common in people that run or participate in sports like soccer, as there is a lot of pressure exerted on the feet and ankles. Other injuries that are common include tendon overextension and tears. 

Common Diagnoses and Symptoms

There are three grades of ankle sprain from one to three:

Grade 1: Stretch or tear of the ligament with slight tenderness.

Grade 2. Incomplete tear with moderate pain and difficulty walking.

Grade 3. Complete tear with bruising and severe pain.

Symptoms of a sprain and fracture can be confused, which is why people ignore the pain and wait for it to go away. These include:

  • Tenderness
  • Throbbing or aching
  • Difficulty walking
  • Redness and swelling

Worsening of these symptoms indicate that the sprain or fracture is severe and needs to be treated by our podiatrist. 


Left untreated, fractured or sprained ankles can lead to problems with gait and more frequent injuries down the road. Don’t let your ankle injury go untreated; contact our podiatrist to be evaluated as soon as the injury occurs. If you do end up being diagnosed with a sprain, the best treatment methods are rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Stay off your feet as much as possible until the injury has healed and you no longer have difficulty walking. 

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