Foot Specialist Near Pompton Plains, NJ, Says: Break In Shoes Before Vacation

If you have a summer trip on the horizon, but plan on investing in some new shoes, make sure that you make time to break them in before you take off! The last thing you want is ill-fitting shoes or blisters while you’re trying to enjoy your time. Our foot specialist near Pompton Plains, NJ, gives some tips for breaking in shoes and how to tell if they’re just not the right fit.

Fit Of The Shoes

Since ill-fitting shoes will never truly be broken in, it’s crucial that you find shoes that are perfect for your feet. If your new sneakers are tight around the toes, don’t assume that they will stretch out over time. They can end up causing pain, hammertoes, or other foot problems. When you buy your shoes, make sure that there is enough room around the toes, the heel doesn’t slip when you walk, and they feel good to wear! If you have shoes that fit properly, the break-in period should last only a few days. 

When To Buy Shoes

Your feet swell throughout the day, so it is recommended that you try on shoes in the evening to get the most accurate fit. If the shoes are comfortable when your feet are larger, they’ll also be comfortable at other times during the day.

What To Do For Blisters

Some shoes are harder to break in than others. Soft, flexible shoes such as exercise shoes and sandals do not require as long of a break-in period as stiffer shoes, like dress shoes or high heels. Keep this in mind when you pick out your shoes and plan the days leading up to your vacation departure. If you do choose stiffer shoes and develop blisters, use an anti-bacterial gel and place a band-aid over the area. Avoid wearing the shoes until the blister has healed. When you try again, consider preemptively placing pads on your heels to prevent future blisters. 

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