Could It Be Toenail Fungus? Wayne Foot Doctor Explains

If you are suffering from nail fungus, you are not alone. As Wayne foot doctor Dr. Bruce D. Calligaro explains in this video, it is a condition he commonly sees among his patients.

Yellow, white, or black toenails are often signs of a fungus. A thick toenail could also be a signal that a fungus has grown under the nail. The good news is that a podiatrist can easily treat it.

How does such a fungus occur? The toenail might lift from the nail bed, allowing for the fungus to get in and grow. This type of fungus will not spread throughout the body and is treated locally.

At Wayne Foot and Ankle Center, nail fungus is typically treated with a laser, which has a very high success rate. Topical antifungals might also be used, and in severe cases, oral medications are sometimes prescribed.

If you are suffering from toenail fungus, schedule an appointment with an experienced Wayne foot doctor by calling 973.595.8900. The knowledgeable staff at Wayne Foot and Ankle Center will be able to help you with your toenail fungus.

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