Haledon NJ Podiatrist Shares 3 Great Footwear Styles to Alleviate Bunion Pain

Bunions are painful and annoying growths, and our Haledon podiatrist warns that they are commonly caused by footwear choice. Women are more susceptible to bunions than men; consider that in cultures around the world where people have never worn tight-fitting shoes or high heels, bunions rarely exist. Now that you’re aware of some of the causes of bunions, what are the best shoe options for people who already have them?

3 Bunion-Friendly Footwear Styles According To Our 5-Star-Rated Haledon NJ Podiatrist


One great choice for footwear is sandals, which are usually open at the toe. These shoes, including flip-flops, wedges, flatbeds, or sling-backs, allow the toes and feet to spread, preventing pressure on the bunion. These may not be the most practical choice in all climates or year-round, but they can be an attractive option, even for the office, when appropriate.


Croc-style footwear is also a comfortable option for alleviating bunion pain because they are roomy, with generous length and width. You can choose between open heel styles, sandals, or loafers. This style of shoe is also well ventilated, allowing your foot to breathe while providing a comfortable, secure fit. They are generally considered very casual footwear, though.


Sneakers or athletic footwear may be a great option because many styles offer a roomy toe box, cushioning in the sole, and lacing for loosening or tightening as needed for fit. The downside of athletic footwear is it may not be appropriate for the office or dressier occasions.

Additional Footwear Ideas From Our Haledon Podiatry Office

If you’re not satisfied with the bunion-friendly options above, here are some additional footwear options to consider when managing your bunions:

  • A pair of shoes which were comfortable in the past may not be now, as the skin around your bunion rubs against the inside of the shoe and becomes sore. You may consider using pads or gel inserts, unless these tighten the shoe in the area where you need more room.
  • Consider a larger width in a style that has been comfortable in the past (pads or inserts may compensate for the areas of the shoe where you don’t need the extra width).
  • Mesh or canvas shoes have more stretch than other types of shoes, allowing the material around your bunion to stretch, making the shoe more comfortable.
  • If you love a style but it’s tight on your bunion, try a larger shoe size; you can add insoles or orthotics to stop your foot from slipping around inside, while the additional room in the toe box will help relieve pressure on your toe joint.
  • Look for shoes that allow movement of toes – and avoid pointed shoes, which cause your toes to be pushed together.

Do some research and consult with your local Haledon podiatrist, or give us a call at Wayne Foot & Ankle Center. The best shoes for bunions are an individual choice, whether you’re trying to maintain your style or look professional, Wayne Foot & Ankle Center can assist you with finding appropriate styles to suit your needs.

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The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about this and other topics related to foot and ankle care, feel free to contact Wayne Foot & Ankle Center, with a convenient podiatry office location near Haledon NJ, by clicking here or by calling 973.595.8900.

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