Help with your Hammertoes

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Our Wayne hammertoe specialists and our West Milford hammertoe specialists can help treat your hammertoes. Hammertoes are often the result of genetics and can be exacerbated by wearing the wrong kinds of shoes, especially for women. Women’s footwear often includes pointy-toed high heels, which can create issues where the structure of the foot is concerned. Hammertoes are a deformity where one or more toes look like the hammers inside a piano. This can cause the joints of your toes to rub uncomfortably against the inside of your shoe. When the condition progresses, your toes may become stiff and inflexible.

If you suspect that you have or may be developing hammertoes, our hammertoe specialists in Wayne and West Milford, NJ, can help you with treatment and advice on shoes that may be better for your particular foot structure.

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