If The Shoe Fits…

Shoe shopping can be a great joy for some people, but not for others. The reason some people dislike shopping for shoes is that they can’t seem to find shoes they like that fit properly. Everyone knows that walking around in poorly fitting shoes is no fun at all! The podiatry office in Wayne, NJ has come up with some suggestions to make shoe shopping a more enjoyable experience for everyone to help find shoes that fit the way they should, and understanding what a proper fit will do for your feet.

Finding the Right Shoes for Your Feet

Contrary to what you might believe, it is not impossible to find shoes to fit your feet. Proper fitting shoes will give your feet the comfort they need, and will protect your feet from cuts and bruises. Even daily work shoes should support your feet to keep them from tiring or aching after hours of wear.

At If The Shoe Fits… at Wayne Foot & Ankle Center in Wayne, NJ, the friendly team of podiatrists will help you determine what shoe size and type of shoe is the best fit for your feet and activity level. Understanding the importance of a well-fitting shoe is invaluable. You will find your feet won’t hurt at the end of the day when you are wearing the right size shoes that are the best fitting for your feet. At If The Shoe Fits… you will also have a wide selection of fashionable and sensible footwear to fit your needs and lifestyle!

Custom Orthotics

If you still can’t find a shoe to alleviate the stress your feet feel during the day, you may want to try using custom orthotics. Custom orthotics are designed to your foot’s specifications to alleviate pressure or stress on your back, knees, ankles and feet from standing long hours or working hard while on your feet.

Your Wayne, NJ podiatrist can take custom measurements of your feet to design an orthotic that will support your feet while you walk. Orthotics fit inside the shoe to cradle your foot while you wear your shoes. You also have the option of buying custom-made shoes to support your feet, however getting orthotics is generally more cost-effective and you can move them from shoe to shoe.

Orthotics work to both add support, and correct any positioning of your feet that may be leading to the stress on your legs and feet. Each orthotic has a specific purpose and you should feel a difference in your body within 24 hours. If your job keeps you standing for long periods of time or you are tired of aching back or feet, you should consult with your podiatrist in Wayne, NJ.

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