Toe Numbness Could be a Neuroma, Wayne Podiatrist Explains

Numbness, tingling or sharp shooting pain in two adjacent toes could be a signal of a neuroma. In this informative video clip, Wayne podiatrist Dr. Bruce D. Calligaro talks about this foot condition, which is characterized by scar tissue on the nerve.

As Dr. Calligaro explains it, when you have a neuroma, it almost feels as though you have a ball in between your toes. You might even hear some clicking as you walk. The pain you might feel could be likened to when you bump your “funny bone.” It is often a sharp shooting pain.

Treatment for a neuroma might include injections of a local anesthetic, which breaks up the pain cycle. A steroid or orthotic device might also be utilized to treat a neuroma. However, in 80 percent of cases, a neuroma needs to be corrected using surgery.

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