Oakland NJ Podiatrist Answers: When You Should Get a Second Opinion?

Second opinions are a fairly common practice among many sectors of the medical field. Our Oakland NJ podiatrist explains that podiatry is no exception. Second opinions can be valuable for a multitude of reasons. The best podiatrists and doctors will encourage you to seek second opinions if you would like a confirming opinion.

Why Our Oakland NJ Podiatrist Believes That Second Opinions Matter

Second opinions largely matter because they serve to provide you the best medical care. They also provide a sense of confidence that you are receiving such care. Look for a confirming opinion when seeking the opinion of another podiatrist. Our Oakland NJ podiatrist explains that hearing the same recommendation twice can provide you with peace of mind. Patient engagement is encouraged by our 5-star podiatrist in Oakland, and our podiatry office in Oakland welcomes questions and concerns.

Circumstances That Our Oakland NJ Podiatrist Believes Warrant a Second Opinion

You may especially wish to seek a second opinion when potentially toxic, invasive, or lifelong treatments, procedures, or medications are involved. In many cases, especially in the field of podiatry, procedures do not have to happen on the spot. Take your time exploring your options so that you can feel confident moving forward.

Our podiatrist in Oakland NJ also suggests that an appropriate time to seek a second opinion is prior to an operation. Second opinions after an operation or procedure can still have value but will often be skewed. This is because the second opinion will lack the perspective of how an issue originally presented itself.

Why Our Oakland NJ Podiatrist Says Keeping an Open Mind is Key When Seeking Second Opinions

You want to feel secure that you are making the right medical decisions, but be careful to not seek a second or third opinion in the name of wishful thinking. Our Oakland NJ podiatrist knows that medical suggestions can sometimes be nerve-wracking or catch you off guard. Keeping an open mind to medical advice that will ultimately benefit your health is important when listening to any number of opinions.

What to Bring to a Second Opinion Appointment

Our podiatrist in Oakland recommends bringing the following items to a second opinion appointment with a podiatrist:

  • Previous records and reports
  • X-rays
  • MRI or CT scans
  • Shoes and orthotic inserts you regularly wear

The information provided in this article is not meant to be medical advice and is for educational purposes only. If you would like to learn more about this and other topics related to podiatry, feel free to contact Wayne Foot & Ankle Center, with a convenient podiatry office location near Oakland NJ, by clicking here or by calling 973.595.8900.

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