Addressing Foot and Ankle Pain from Common Pediatric Foot Problems with Your Trusted Podiatrists at Wayne Foot & Ankle In Wayne, NJ.

Active children and teenagers can be hard on their feet and developmental changes can contribute to foot and ankle pain. Children and adolescents can ignore symptoms of a foot problem, which can lead to infection or other issues. Understand the most frequently occurring foot problems in children seen by your Wayne podiatrists.

  • Ingrown toenails affect children and adults. An ingrown toenail happens when the nail grows into the adjacent skin. This occurs most often on the big toe and can cause pain and lead to infection without proper treatment. Ingrown toenails occur most frequently in teenagers and children. By the time a podiatrist in Wayne, NJ, sees an ingrown toenail, the foot problem may have been around for days to weeks and be accompanied by red and infected swollen skin.
  • Flat feet, or pes planus, are feet that have little to no arches and can be due to a variety of reasons. Children may outgrow the condition but treatment is necessary when the condition causes foot or leg pain, makes walking an issue or affects one foot more than the other. Arch supports or orthotics can help children with flat feet.
  • Plantar fasciitis can cause significant heal pain in children. This is inflammation at the site of attachment of plantar fascia, a band of tissue, and the heal bone. It is a condition common in teenagers and may be related to Sever’s disease. The Achilles tendon and calf muscles can become tight during a growth sport and cause additional stress on the heel bone, producing discomfort in the area.

A child’s feet may develop a foot condition and associated foot or ankle pain due to additional stress on the area. Rest, stretching or orthotics may be recommended by your Wayne, NJ, podiatrists.

Seek Treatment from Your Trusted Wayne, NJ, Podiatrists

Your podiatrists in Wayne, experienced in pediatric foot care, can direct you to appropriate treatment for your child’s foot condition. Keep developing feet healthy and provide the support necessary to reduce foot and ankle pain.

Any information provided above is educational and is not to be referred to as medical advice. Our Wayne, NJ, podiatry office can discuss any pediatric footcare concerns and treatment options surrounding your child’s specific case of foot and ankle pain.