Physical Therapy From West Milford NJ, Podiatrists

Using Physical Therapy for Foot and Ankle Pain from Your Favorite West Milford, NJ, Podiatrists

Did you know that physical therapy supports recovery and optimal function of feet and ankles? Physical therapy is a complementary service often used as part of a patient’s rehabilitation or recovery program to strengthen muscles, improve function and prevent future injury. Physical therapy may be recommended by your West Milford, NJ, podiatrists to address a specific condition or help in rehabilitation needs. Explore how physical therapy can be used by your West Milford podiatrists to help with your foot and ankle pain.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

If you are someone you love has chronic foot and ankle pain, a foot or ankle injury or have undergone surgery, physical therapy can help reduce pain and more. Patients that undergo physical therapy report:

  • Moving with more ease;
  • Less pain;
  • Feeling stronger; and
  • Being empowered with take-home exercises and techniques to address feet and ankle discomfort at home.

A physical therapist undergoes significant training to assist patients with foot and ankle pain. A series of sessions are often suggested to strengthen weakened areas and reduce discomfort associated with a specific condition, rehabilitation from an injury or surgery. A session may include:

  • Strengthening exercises;
  • Low-impact aerobic training;
  • Pain relief exercises;
  • Stretching;
  • Heat and icing of an area;
  • TENS stimulation to interrupt pain messages;
  • Massage and more.

Take advantage of non-invasive and effective care to get you back to moving in comfort with physical therapy as part of your foot and ankle pain wellness program.

Receive Physical Therapy for Optimal Outcomes

Your West Milford, NJ, podiatrists at the Wayne Foot & Ankle Center will discuss a number of options with you to address chronic foot and ankle pain. Physical therapy can improve overall health and assist in your full recovery from a foot and ankle injury or surgery. Reduce your pain naturally and move better with assistance from trained West Milford podiatrists. Call for a physical therapy appointment at our West Milford, NJ podiatry office to address your foot and ankle pain today.

Any information provided above is educational and is not to be referred to as medical advice. Our West Milford, New Jersey podiatry office can discuss any physical therapy needs surrounding your specific case of foot and ankle pain.

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