Podiatrist in Wayne, NJ, Explains Flat Feet

While rarely considered a serious issue (in fact, many people have flat feet and don’t even realize it) flat feet can cause problems, including pain in the heels and arches. If you have flat feet and are experiencing pain, it’s important that you schedule an evaluation with our podiatrist who can help you. Our podiatrist in Wayne, NJ, explains more about flat feet below! 

Types of Flat Feet

While flat feet are defined by a lack of arch, there are different types with different causes. The two types of flat feet include:

Congenital – this simply means that your feet are flat due to genetic causes. It’s possible that your arches never formed as a child. While this is common, it can still present issues with foot pain and structural support.

Acquired – this can be caused by collapse of the arches from injury or repeated stress to the foot tissues.

Regardless of the root of your flat feet, our podiatrist can help you get support. 

Symptoms of Flat Feet

The most common symptom associated with flat feet is pain that radiates from the heels and arches. This pain may get worse when moving or standing for extended periods of time. Active people or athletes will experience pain more frequently. In addition, flat feet can cause swelling on the inside of the ankle or foot with overuse. 

Treatment Options

Our podiatrist can help treat flat feet with the following:

  • Custom orthotics to help support your arches
  • Wearing supportive shoes
  • Stretching exercises designed to help strengthen the Achilles tendon
  • Possible physical therapy to strengthen tendons and ligaments in the feet

If you have flat feet and suffer from pain in your arches or heel, please contact our podiatrist for an evaluation. We can help you get relief from your pain!

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