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The caring family of Podiatrists in Hewitt NJ at the Ankle & Foot Centers of America have over 35 years of experience helping alleviate foot and ankle issues.

Life is busy, so when medical issues occur in our feet and ankles, it can bring everything we know and love to a standstill. The caring podiatrists in Hewitt NJ at the Ankle & Foot Centers of America are here to help determine the root cause of your medical problem or injury and provide an effective treatment regimen that helps you get back to life as you know it as quickly as possible.

Our modern Hewitt Podiatry office uses today’s most advanced technologies and is staffed with a family of highly skilled physicians that specializes in ankle and foot issues. No matter what is causing your ankle or foot problems, our podiatrists in Hewitt have the experience, the hands-on training, and the secondary and supplemental educations to accurately diagnose any issue and provide you with a lasting treatment modality that focuses on minimal recovery time and maximum pain alleviation.



Lindsey Calligaro, DPM



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1900 Union Valley Rd #203
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Phone: (973) 506-6150

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Ankle & Foot Centers of America has been providing top-rated podiatry services to our patients since we started as a family podiatry practice back in 1978. Each physician that serves patients at our Hewitt Podiatry office has undergone a stringent level of training that involves a unique hands-on approach alongside post-secondary and ongoing education to assure the highest level of podiatric care and expertise currently available. 

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We Know Ankles & Feet

We offer a modernized and convenient Podiatry center in Hewitt, NJ to better serve our valued patients. Our physicians are trained to help treat a wide variety of ankle and foot issues, so that you can get back to doing what you love as soon as possible with minimal recovery time. 

Here are some of the most common ailment our Hewitt NJ Podiatrists treat:

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