Podiatrists in West Milford, NJ: Winter Foot Care

As the temperatures drop, winter calls for extra foot care, such as insulated boots and moisture-wicking socks. Proper winter boots will keep your feet warm, comfortable, and safe from frostbite and numbness. Our podiatrists in West Milford, NJ, advise you to always wear proper footwear during extreme winter temperatures and wants to provide some extra advice for winter foot care below.

Take Care Of Your Feet 

Frostbite and numbness are two major concerns if you spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter months. Frostbite is a concern for everyone and can lead to nerve damage, but numbness is especially risky for those with diabetes, as they may already suffer from neuropathy, leading to further diabetic complications. 

To avoid these problems, always wear boots or shoes that are insulated enough to protect from the temperatures you are exposed to. Check the ratings on new winter boots before purchasing and make sure that they are sufficiently insulated for your area.

Stay Warm and Dry

Keeping your feet warm is crucial during the winter; however, thick socks can make your feet too warm, causing them to sweat, and your boots to develop a bad smell. If you tend to have sweaty feet, make sure you air out your boots to avoid bad odors and consider getting moisture-wicking socks to avoid this problem — damp feet and boots can have the opposite effect, making your feet colder and more susceptible to frostbite.

Moisturize Feet 

If your hands and skin tend to crack due to cold, dry weather, make sure you take care of your feet as well! Your heels are especially prone to dryness and cracking. You can keep your feet healthy by removing dry skin with a pumice stone, moisturizing with a thick lotion and wearing socks overnight to lock in the moisture.

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