Reconstructive Foot Surgery

What is Reconstructive Foot Surgery?

Reconstructive foot surgery is a type of surgical procedure aimed at correcting deformities, restoring function, and alleviating pain in the foot or ankle. These deformities might be due to birth defects, injuries, diseases, or aging. The surgery can involve realigning bones, repairing tendons and ligaments, removing bone spurs, or even fusing bones together. It’s often considered when more conservative treatments, like orthotics, physical therapy, or medication, have failed to provide sufficient relief. The specific surgical approach depends on the individual’s condition, ranging from minor procedures to more complex reconstructions. The goal is to enhance mobility and comfort, enabling patients to engage in daily activities with less pain or disability.

What are some situations that may call for Reconstructive Foot Surgery?

What is the Recovery Process for Reconstructive Foot Surgery?

  • Initial Rest and Immobilization
  • Elevation and Ice
  • Pain Management
  • Limited Weight-Bearing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Gradual Increase in Activity
  • Follow-up Appointments
  • Wound Care
  • Adherence to Specific Instructions
  • Possible Use of Orthotic Devices