Strengthen Weak Ankles With Hewitt N J PodiatristsAre your legs and feet regularly sore and tired by the end of the day? If so, there’s a good chance that you may have weak ankles. West Milford podiatrists define weak ankles as the instability of the feet and increased pressure under the feet. Because this lateral underneath portion of the feet is usually favored when weak ankles are present, it’s common for the feet and legs to feel extremely tired by the day’s end. If you’re active, regularly rolling the ankles may be another sign of a lack of strength in this area due to instability.

Fortunately, weak ankles are fairly simple to correct over time through exercise, stretching and treatment from your Hewiit, NJ, podiatrists. With that being said, here’s a look at some exercises and treatments that your podiatrists in West Milford often recommend in order to strengthen the ankles:

  • Calf raises: Ankles and the lower body can be strengthened via exercise. One of the easiest ones to perform is the calf raise. Calf raises can be done anywhere and simply consist of standing on your toes. Start with 10-15 reps and as you progress over time, consider holding weights to up the ante.
  • Heel walking: Another simple exercise, this consists of lifting the front of your foot off of the ground so you’re just walking on your heel. Do this as you walk around the house or office. You may look a little unusual, but it’s very effective.
  • Hopping and leaping: Hopping and leaping from side-to-side and forward-and-backward can help increase your lower body strength and improve proprioception, which is the awareness of where your ankles are located and how they are performing.
  • Proper stretching: Speaking of proprioception, proper stretching of the ankle can also help with this. To stretch, just gently roll your ankles and perform other stretching postures that work the tendons.
  • Orthotic devices: Ankle bands, braces and other stabilizing devices are ideal treatments for weak ankles (not to mention for treating strains and sprains). Many orthotics encourage proper posture and also help strengthen the ankles.

For more information on how to strengthen weak ankles, contact our West Milford, NJ, podiatry office today.

Any information provided above is educational and is not to be referred to as medical advice. Our West Milford, NJ, podiatry office can discuss any concerns and treatment options surrounding your specific case of foot and ankle pain.