Wayne, NJ, Podiatrist Answers: Can Foot Pain Be Serious?

While you may be tempted to ignore foot pain or think it will go away on its own, there can be serious causes of foot pain. Sometimes foot pain is temporary and resolves itself, but it can be difficult to determine the severity of the case. Our Wayne, NJ, podiatrist explains more about foot pain below. 

Serious Cases

There are many cases of foot pain that can heal on their own. For example, if you experience foot cramps, you may need to simply stretch your feet or perform foot exercises to strengthen the muscle. Or, high-heeled shoes could be the cause of pain in your arches. However, there are other cases that are serious and need treatment, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Ankle breaks
  • Bone fractures
  • Nerve damage
  • Tendonitis
  • Wound infections

These are conditions that will worsen without treatment. It is critical to be evaluated by our podiatrist if you suspect you have any of these foot problems.

At-Risk Groups

Athletes, the elderly, and individuals with diabetes should all take foot pain seriously. In athletes or people that run frequently, both persistent and acute ankle pain shouldn’t be written off as a sprain, as it could actually be a fracture or break. It’s important to treat bone fractures immediately to prevent further damage. Elderly people have higher risk for gout, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis, all of which should be evaluated promptly.

Diabetes patients should be especially careful of any wounds on their feet or other foot pain. 

Emergency Care

If your foot pain is worsening or becomes extremely painful, contact emergency care. The sooner you have the problem diagnosed and taken care of, the sooner you can get back on your feet! Our podiatrist can help treat and maintain your condition with follow-up care.

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