West Milford, NJ, Podiatrist Explains The Importance of Podiatry

Most people take their feet for granted, but if you think about it, we rely on our feet every single day to get us where we need to be! Our feet are complex, and podiatrists have a deep understanding of how they function and how to best support and maintain them. Additionally, if you experience a break, sprain, or other foot problem, seeing our podiatrist is critical both during and after healing. Our West Milford, NJ, podiatrist explains more below! 

Foot Problems

You may be suffering from a structural foot problem and not even be aware of it until you develop foot pain. Diagnosis of foot pain usually comes with an explanation of the underlying problem, which could be flat feet, high-arched feet, or abnormal gait. Other problems, such as overgrown or yellow toenails, may point to a fungal infection that must be treated professionally. It is important that you see our podiatrist to be accurately diagnosed and treated. 

Podiatrists and Specialization

Many podiatrists specialize in an area, such as foot surgery, ankle surgery, or diabetic foot care. Having a podiatrist who specializes in the area you need help with assures that you get the best care possible. Also, even if you don’t suffer from a specific foot problem or experience pain, podiatrists provide care to patients as they age, since the elderly may have problems clipping their toenails or maintaining other aspects of foot health. 

Extra Care

While you can take care of certain things on your own, such as trimming toenails, removing dead skin, and wearing well-fitted shoes, there is extra care that podiatrists provide. Podiatrists can have you fitted for custom orthotics to support your feet and give you regular checkups to ensure your feet stay healthy! 

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