West Milford, NJ, Podiatrists Want You To Know The Problems with Sandals

With summer around the corner, a lot of people are waiting to break out their sandals and enjoy the warm weather! However, it’s important to be aware that there are risks associated with wearing sandals that can cause damage to your feet. Our West Milford, NJ, podiatrists want to inform you of the possible risks for injury when wearing flip-flops so you can make an informed decision!

Why Sandals Are Risky

While you may be eager to show off your pedicure or simply let your feet breathe, wearing sandals can lead to serious foot injury. If you frequently wear sandals, you may experience pain in your heel, arch, or toes. The risk for these problems is rooted in the design of the sandal itself–your feet and toes are simply trying too hard to hold on to the shoe’s strap, putting strain on the tendons and muscles in your feet as you walk.

Coupled with the lack of arch and heel support, this is a recipe for quickly developing strain-related foot problems.

Foot Problems Sandals Can Cause

Frequently wearing unsupportive shoes can lead to the following foot problems:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Heel pain
  • Hammertoes (caused by your toes holding on to the strap)

These problems may occur suddenly or worsen over time, depending on the frequency of wear and the shape of the shoes.


The riskiest sandal are completely flat flip-flops with only one strap between the first and second toe. However, there are other sandal options if you still want to let your feet free. Look for sandals with wide straps, heel straps, and a comfortable supportive sole. Ergonomic sandals can help you avoid injury and future foot problems!

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