West Milford, NJ, Podiatry Expert Gives Tips For Smelly Winter Boots

As the temperatures drop, winter calls for insulated boots. Insulated boots are great for keeping your feet warm and safe from frostbite, and our podiatrist advises you to always wear them during the winter. However, if your feet get too warm, they will sweat, and your boots may develop a bad smell. If you’ve been having issues with odorous winter boots, our West Milford, NJ, podiatry expert wants to offer some tips below. 

Air Them Out

First, air your boots out. If they have inserts, or you wear orthotics, remove those as well. Let these dry out; you can stuff your boots with newspaper afterwards and leave them overnight to absorb any remaining moisture.

Cleaning and Deodorizing

To begin, fill your sink with water and add one cup of vinegar (the vinegar helps remove odor). Soak your shoe inserts in the vinegar mixture, scrub them thoroughly, squeeze the water out, and lay them out to dry. Add a small bit of laundry detergent to the water and vinegar, take a sponge or cloth, and use this mixture to wipe down the outside of your boots. After cleaning, let the boots dry completely.

These steps should reduce the odor in your boots. To maintain this, use baking soda in your boots once a week – simply put baking soda into a sock, tie the end, and leave them in your boots overnight. This will absorb smells and prevent odor from returning. 

Consider Different Boots

If these methods don’t help, or you notice your feet becoming more smelly or sweaty, consider getting boots with less insulation. Check the weight of your insulation and try to better match it to the average temperatures in your area. Contact our podiatrist if you have further questions regarding appropriate footwear!  

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