West Milford Podiatrist Offers Foot Tips

At-home foot treatments can be beneficial to keep your feet healthy. If you have reoccurring issues like calluses or functional problems like toe cramps, there are options for self-care. Our West Milford podiatrist provides information about the best foot treatments you can do yourself at home! 

Common Foot Problems

Some foot problems can’t be treated at home, such as plantar fasciitis, sprains, and breaks. However, there are ongoing issues that can be maintained with common household supplies. These include treatments for cracked heels, calluses, and toe strengthening exercises. 

At-Home Foot Treatments

Some do-it-yourself solutions for foot problems can also make you feel great. Calluses (hardened tissue on the foot) can form on the heel or balls of the feet due to dryness or friction from shoes and can be helped with a foot spa. If you don’t suffer from diabetes or severe calluses, you can relieve your calluses and cracked heels at home. Simply warm up water in a foot spa or bin, add Epsom salt, and soak your feet for up to twenty minutes. Then, scrub the dead skin off gently with a pumice stone and apply a thick lotion to maintain moisture for smooth feet.

If you have hammertoes or other conditions that cause toe weakness, you can use methods such as picking up a towel with your toes to increase toe strength. Other at-home solutions for foot pain include rolling your foot over a golf ball to stretch your foot; however, if you feel an increase in pain during or following this exercise, contact our podiatrist as you may have a bigger foot problem. 

Other Considerations

At-home treatments are great for maintaining foot health, but it’s always important to have regular checkups with our podiatrist, especially if you have ongoing foot problems. Contact our podiatrist today if you have any concerns. 

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